After the funeral service, many families reach out to express their gratitude for our support and guidance during one of the most difficult times in their lives, and we’re honored to receive their positive feedback. These messages speak for themselves, so we want to share them with you.



If you feel we’ve met or exceeded your expectations or just want to say thanks, please contact us or submit a testimonial below. We would love to hear from you and know that we made a positive impact on your family during a time of need.

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My family and I would like to thank Colleen Abston for her impeccable work. I would highly recommend Collen and Naville Seabrook. They are so caring. She made the funeral arrangements of our family member so much easier by answering all of our questions and being there for us and making suggestions. It would be hard to find someone else to do such a heartfelt job. I would highly recommend Colleen Abston and Naville Seabrook Funeral Home to anyone and everyone. Trust me, they make a sad situation easier to handle.

Lynn Allen

April 30, 2023

This, Funeral Home is by far the most amazing Funeral Home I’ve ever had to deal with. In January my father, and I went in to make arrangements for my mother who had passed. We explain to her some issues that might arise and sure enough the morning of my mothers funeral Colleen The funeral director reached out to myself and told me what was going on. She handled it. She was very professional once we arrived at the funeral, everything seem to be fine. No problems it was a beautiful Funeral. Fast forward three months, almost to the day of my mother’s passing. I contacted the funeral home again to make arrangements for my father. April 17 I reached out to Colleen to make her aware of some threats that were put against me. I did not want any trouble Colleen Abston assured me there would be no trouble she was going to handle everything. She even came in on her off day to make me feel at peace. She had handled my mother three months prior. She had also spoke with my father, regarding troubles that could arise. I asked for one person in particular to be removed from the funeral, due to threats that had been made the day prior it escalated, and Colleen handled it very professionally, and within a matter of 15 minutes I was back to focusing on my father’s funeral, I truly believe she went above and beyond to make my dad’s last day the most Beautifullest day possible. When attending the funeral for my mother, I was strong for my dad attending the funeral for my father Colleen was strong for me.

Amber Sheroan

April 20, 2023

Because my sister was mad at me the funeral director Colleen Abston called the police on me and my family and had the police escort us out of my own father's funeral and my son's grandfather's funeral because my sister told her to. We were not causing any issues or bothering anyone. We were sitting in the back on the couch minding our own business. When we attended my mothers funeral at this location in January on this year, we did the same thing, sat in the back and minded our own and didn't bother anyone and they didn't have us removed.

Amanda Kemp

April 20, 2023

Our family is so grateful to Naville & Seabrook! Mr. Naville and Colleen were amazing with helping us in one of the most difficult times. Everyone there went above and beyond. We had the worst experience at a neighboring funeral home and Naville & Seabrook showed us so much compassion and handled everything perfectly, my brother had a deserving respectful service and we cannot thank you enough!

Nikki Mullins

December 14, 2022

I believe Seabrook is one the only personable funeral homes left. They take such great care to get your needs met and are very accommodating. We couldn't have asked for better care. They are our family's go to and we are very appreciative we have them.

Trisha Stansberry

May 14, 2022

Well done Liz and John, well done 100%. Never dreamed Mom could look 30 yrs younger. Liz is an awesome writer for obituaries for folks she don't know. My daughter and I had the opportunity to work with Liz as Mom had prearranged her funeral which made it so much easier. This was one time it didn't feel like a funeral - instead there was a free spirit because Mom was in heaven rejoicing and pain free. It was a time in celebration. Thanks Liz for the awesome job in working with Mom - she looked fabulous. Thanks for everything and all that was done to help me and my daughter.

Debbie Satterfield

November 02, 2021

I've dealt with this funeral home since 1996. They have handled at least 5 funerals in our family over the years, most recently my mom. I cant thank them enough for their kindness during these sad days. This time i was doing the planning and they made it so i wasn't stressed out. No worries on cost. They are the best in the area. (5/19/2021)

Dawn Karalfa

June 22, 2021

This was the first time that I have had to plan a funeral, so I was totally lost. Liz was fantastic in so many ways. She didn't just ask questions. She observed, and listened to the interaction between me and my girls as we talked about their brother. The obituary that she wrote (for someone she had never met) was so spot on that many people thought I wrote it. Liz always responded promptly to my text messages and calls. It didn't matter if it was morning, evening or the weekend; Liz was there for me. I mention Liz because she was my primary contact; however, every one of the staff that I encountered was absolutely wonderful. I can't compare Naville-Seabrook's pricing to other funeral homes because I didn't shop around. What I can say is that if you are looking for a place that will take care of literally everything with compassion and professionalism, you need look no further. (4/3/2021)

Melissa C.

June 22, 2021

I have unfortunately lost both my father and mother unexpectedly in the last two years. Each had pre-planned their services through Naville & Seabrook funeral home. Each experience was phenomenal. However, when I lost mom less than a month ago, I had to venture through this alone... or so I thought. Colleen was a light in a dark time. She helped me selflessly through each step, every process, every tear. No question was ridiculous, no request impossible, no wasn't in her vocabulary. She worked so hard and did so in a way that didn't feel like I was anything less than her own family. I felt like I was going through this with an old family friend, as if she lost my mom too. What a gift she is to them and I hope they see that, as I am very sure every family does that has walked in my shoes. I couldn't recommend this facility more when you're going through this phase in life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (October, 2020)

Stephanie Curran

June 22, 2021

John Naville, gave my dad his last ride. He treated him as if he were his loved one. This funeral home was there for the family throughout this entire time. 5 stars all around!!! (7/24/2020)

Kelsi E.

June 22, 2021

They do a spectacular job and are very professional. They have taken care of my family for over 70 years from my Papaw, aunts, uncles, mother, and husband. I will always recommend them to my friends. (6/2020)

Lois Yundt

June 22, 2021

Just a note to convey my heartfelt THANKS to Erin, John and the staff for a job well done. I couldn't have been more pleased with how professional the funeral of my father (Kenneth Norrington) was handled. Our family has been associated with the Seabrook family for many decades and wouldn't think of going anywhere else! I cherish the memories of my longtime friendship with Paul & Ruth Seabrook and our interest in steamboats. Mark and I were close in age and I still am shocked at his untimely passing and loss for you. Thank you, again, for your gracious assistance. Keith

Keith Norrington

June 22, 2021

Many years ago, my aunt preplanned her funeral arrangements with a local funeral home, which is now Naville & Seabrook. Having five nieces and nephews who would survive her, she always intended to make her funeral planning easy for us to follow. Throughout those years, she would occasionally meet with the funeral home staff to update and make changes to her preplanned arrangements. As the more than twenty years went by, these updates became important as her final wishes changed and meeting with the staff of the Naville & Seabrook reaffirmed their commitment to her. In December, 2018, when she died, John Naville compassionately and professionally set her plan into motion. He kept the five of us informed and oversaw the smallest of details to ensure all went as she had planned. Although it has been some months since my aunt's death, I continue to remain appreciative for the caring completion of my Aunt's preplanning and in awe of how amazingly easy it was for us. You see, I reside nearly 200 miles away from New Albany, Indiana. Having her funeral preplanned and Naville & Seabrook fulfilling the wishes of my aunt, I was able to arrive for her memorial service knowing it was all as she wanted. Thank you John, and your staff for your compassion, understanding and for meeting our needs too. I am very grateful.

Carrie Joy Brookshire

April 11, 2019

From making arrangements to the service Naville and Seabrook did a great job. The whole staff excellent . Couldn"t be more satisfied. 5 star

John Willoughby

March 29, 2019

The care and service provided by Naville & Seabrook when our son passed away was outstanding in every way possible. Each and every member of the staff was kind and genuine. I had spoken with the other two larger homes in the area and found them to be cold and commercial in comparison. My wife and I will ensure that our services will be with them when the time comes. Although we had never met anyone from Naville & Seabrook they really did treat us like family. You don't find that too often these days.

Bob Garrett

December 11, 2018

I would like to say the Professioalism and caring nature that Seabrook/ Naville extended to me and my family during our most difficult time. My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.. again, thank you

Roxanne Ketchem

February 14, 2018

Seabrooks on Market street buried both of my parents. Most recently my mother on December 20th. They did a superb on both funerals, every detail was done properly and with great dignity. They are by far the best funeral home in southern Indiana, the staff there is the best, thanks again for helping my family through a hard time once again.

Larry Robinson

January 24, 2018

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